Ubisoft has canceled four games it had in the pipeline. The canceled games are Ghost Recon: Frontline, Splinter Cell VR, and two unannounced titles. The cancellations were announced today during Ubisoft’s Q1 2022 earnings call.. Ubisoft announced Ghost Recon: Frontline in October 2021. Developed by Ubisoft Bucharest, the free-to-play game was to feature 100+ players
Genshin Impact has a narrative problem. More and more as the hugely popular gacha action RPG gains new updates (and rotates old content out in typical live service fashion), it’s becoming harder and harder to learn about the vast collection of events, characters, and interactions. The latest product of community frustration towards this problem comes
Seemingly everyone in the northern hemisphere is suffering from extreme heat at the moment. The UK just registered its hottest day in history, for instance. When temperatures get this high, you can count on electronic manufacturers to issue warnings that such heat will interfere with the performance of their devices. Like Nintendo before it, Valve