Month: June 2022

Get ready for an adventure that’s out of this world… literally! Star Ocean The Divine Force launches October 27 on Xbox! This latest entry in the Star Ocean series features a fascinating story that fuses science fiction and fantasy, astonishingly responsive real-time combat, and an almost unparalleled level of freedom. Add the innovative Dual Protagonist
Further details have been revealed concerning the rumored God of War: Ragnarok announcement that was planned for today then postponed. The contents of the blog post that would have been posted have been leaked, part of which concerned the God of War: Ragnarok Collector’s Editions. This announcement would have come independently of any State of
EA has unveiled how to sign up for the Skate 4 playtest through the Skate insider program. Along with new Skate 4 gameplay that the developer Full Circle humorously calls “pre-pre-pre-alpha” footage, it has provided extensive details on the rules for the planned closed playtests. How to sign up for the Skate 4 playtest [embedded