Month: October 2021

It’s finally Halloween today so it is fitting that Nintendo of America has unveiled some spooky new Luigi’s Mansion-themed LEGO sets which are listed by the company as coming soon. There are three LEGO Luigi’s Mansion-themed sets which you will hopefully be able to get your hands on complete with an amusingly scared-out-of-his-living-daylights, Luigi. There’s
Sponsored by PlayStation Plus. Lady Sydnee Goodman learns the way of the sword with the help of Sir Matt Sohinki in For Honor. Can they score a victory in Breach? Tune in and find out! Watch the full stream here: Subscribe to IGN for more! ——————————— Watch more on IGN here! ——————————— DAILY FIX:
Maneater: Truth Quest DLC reviewed by Travis Northup on PC, also available on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation. Truth Quest is a conspiracy-themed expansion with a few fun ideas and lots of repetitive quests that don’t differ much from the base game’s RPG campaign.
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We were faintly aware of Röki happening on other systems back in June 2020. It launched on PC and Switch to some chin-stroking and appreciation, but it was a low murmur rather than anything that might get mentioned on the award circuit. We dismissed it as pretty but empty, and mentally logged it as something
1999’s Final Fantasy VIII was a huge commercial success for Square Enix both inside and outside of Japan. According to Director Yoshinori Kitase, the game took the franchise into a new direction – at least visually – and had quite an impact on Final Fantasy‘s future. While recalling Final Fantasy VIII‘s development and success on the
It seems as though Nintendo is looking to revive the classic Nintendo 64 game GoldenEye 007 as the Kyoto-based company has been working with German authorities to unban the first person shooter in Germany. The game was originally put on the list of “Media Harmful to Young Persons” in Germany and it would naturally go
Resident Evil Village players will get some free DLC at some point in the future. News of free DLC coming to the game was mentioned in Capcom’s latest integrated corporate report included with its Q2 FY2021 financial results. [embedded content] To see this content please enable targeting cookies. Manage cookie settings The DLC was mentioned
Design documents for the rumored Warner Bros. fighter, Multiversus, have leaked online. Images of the document were first published on ResetEra, where user Sponge summarized information that was recently shared on a Discord server. It appears that Multiversus is heavily inspired by Smash Bros. and WB is looking to capitalize on the game’s popularity by making